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Suppliers are important partners for Durwen with the aim of a long-term business relationships. To pursue common objectives – quality, economic efficiency, service – plays a major role at Durwen.

Durwen attaches great importance to providing high-quality attachments, spare parts and maintenance tools in order to ensure smooth workflow for the customers. In doing so, Durwen wants to work with the suppliers in a fair way, improve products to assure customer satisfaction and achieve an optimum of quality efficiency.

The suppliers are selected according to objective and consistent aspects such as quality, on-time deliveries, availability.

In case you would like to apply as supplier, please contact: 

Mr. Frank Kempnich
Order processing / Procurement
Durwen Maschinenbau GmbH
August-Horch-Str. 5
56637 Plaidt - Germany

Phone: +49 2632 / 7000-711
Fax: +49 2632 / 72715
Mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Durwen Maschinenbau GmbH | August-Horch-Straße 5 | D-56637 Plaidt | Telefon: +49 2632-7000-0 | Telefax: +49 2632-72715