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Suppliers are important partners for Durwen with the aim of a long-term business relationships. To pursue common objectives – quality, economic efficiency, service – plays a major role at Durwen.

Durwen attaches great importance to providing high-quality attachments, spare parts and maintenance tools in order to ensure smooth workflow for the customers. In doing so, Durwen wants to work with the suppliers in a fair way, improve products to assure customer satisfaction and achieve an optimum of quality efficiency.

The suppliers are selected according to objective and consistent aspects such as quality, on-time deliveries, availability.

In case you would like to apply as supplier, please contact: 

Mr. Frank Kempnich
Order processing / Procurement
Durwen Maschinenbau GmbH
August-Horch-Str. 5
56637 Plaidt - Germany

Phone: +49 2632 / 7000-711
Fax: +49 2632 / 72715
Mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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  • Seasons Greetings

    The second year in a row was challenging for all of us in many respects, in business and in private life.
    Which is why we are all the more appreciative of your continued trust and loyalty, even if not everything ran as usual.
    We would like to sincerely thank you and wish you a wonderful end of the year as well as a healthy 2022!

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  • Durwen new welding certificate

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  • Durwen SmartForks

    The intelligent fork

    If the view is restricted by the load, you can only rely on your intuition. You no longer have to accept this. SmartFork® enable a better view on everything otherwise hidden, making your work a lot safer with an unobstructed view. Intuition meets precision – in a tool which makes working as efficient and safe as no other fork before. 

    MultiSense SmartFork®

    MultiSense SmartFork® Scale


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