6 Paper roll clamps

Paper role clamp 360°

Durwen paper roll clamps feature slimline arm profile and are available in different configurations. Revolving paper roll clamps from Durwen are designed to take rolls in bilge position with regular forklift truck mast tilt of 5° forward. 0° arm design is also available, please ask. The slimline arms have multiple smooth wear protections as standard. Durwen uses the 360° direct drive rotation design for reliable and smooth rotation of reels. The Durwen standard contact plates are feature a steel grip profile. They are easy to maintain and repair.

PRK 360 Intro

PRK 360 Intro 1


Paper role clamp 180°

The paper roll clamp PRK 180° is designed to take paper rolls in bilge position and upright. The forklift truck operator enjoys increased ergonomics in handling due to the 180° rack and pinion drive. The Durwen rack and pinion drive enables fast and safe rotation with a soft stop. The short arm can either be chosen fixed or powered. A 5° forward tilt angle on your forklift truck mast is usually sufficient. 0° execution can be done upon request. 160 bar clamp pressure is required for regular operation. Less pressure results in less clamping force.

PRK 180 Intro

PRK 180 Intro 1

PRK surfaces

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